Add To Your WishlistTremolite Cats Eye (B)

Add To Your WishlistTremolite Cats Eye (B)

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    This is the piece you will receive.  55.6mm x 39mm x 23mm

    Helps to ease anxiety, nervousness and fear and gives you courage and strength to do things.   Tremolite Cats Eye can help to support difficult situations which may arise, calming mental and emotional distress, whilst raising feelings of strength and courage.

    Said to help to combat nightmares, anxious dreams and night fears.  It also eases erratic sleep patterns, insomnia and headaches.

    Tremolite Cat Eye supports respiratory health, helping to ease and heal conditions and upset of this area, alongside bringing strengthening and repair. Also said to help with bone, muscle and ligament repair. It supports eye health, helps to lower tissue inflammation and highly strengthens the immune system.