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Add To Your WishlistSpinel in Matrix (A)

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    Very pretty tumblestone.  This is the actual one you will receive.28.7mm x 24.5mm x 16mm

    Spinel in Matrix stones are from India and are hand polished.  They are full of bright red and pink spinel Crystals which are surrounded by the charcoal gray and black matrix in which they grew.

    Is is a stone of calm and renewal and encouragement.  It can help ease a crisis situation like changing your job or relationship difficulties, lowering stress levels  and anxiety.  It enhances positive aspect of your personality and helps you to accept success.

    Red spinel is associated with the Root Chakra and specifically stimulates physical vitality and strength.   Said to increase your ability to self-heal. 

    Pink spinel offers gentle energy renewal, and is useful to those suffering from chronic conditions and fatigue.    It is a very gentle, protective stone and  can be used as a Talisman to carry the love of the giver when apart from a loved one.