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    This is the actual piece you will receive.  39.7mm x 28mm x 26mm widest points 

    • A stone of new beginnings and profound growth, cutting through the old to reveal the souls purpose and showing how we create our own reality.
    • It opens the third eye and assists with two-way psychic communication, it facilities connecting with different timelines, endless possibilities and seeing the beauty of All That Is through its interconnectedness to multi-realities and many dimensions.
    • It raises the vibrations of your etheric body  so that you can maintain that high vibration which then raises the energy of your physical being.  Helps to clear negativity held in ones cellular memory.
    • This stone carries bioscalar waves for multi-dimensional, intercellular healing at all levels. Physically, the crystal stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands, reconfiguring the endocrine system so that it can integrate the high vibrational energetic downloads that are occurring.